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Sezione dedicata alla mia sorellina Silvana Alla mia sorellina Silvana che ora ci guarda dal cielo e sorride felice...
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dal 7 Maggio 2001

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Friar Alessandro Giacomo Brustenghi (Assisi)

Friar Alessandro Giacomo Brustenghi
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(YouTube channel Canto Gesu)

“the music is nothing more than a thread that keeps us united to the divine ..."

Seems a story of the past, or one of those stories at contrary, when a famous person becomes aware of the need for a change of life, of course, and then leave everything and enters into a convent, seminary, or just gets in the new listening to the catechism and the commandments:
"As a child I was fascinated by drums and percussion, but then I discovered Bach and I started studying music at age 9 with the idea of ?? becoming a composer and organist

My passion for music more rhythmic and pop continued in parallel according to the figure of Michael Jackson. A 15 years later at the Conservatory as a student of organ and composition, at 16 the beginning of my conversion and fits almost immediately vocation fact that I keep secret almost up to 19 years;

next 18 years to the study of singing as for fun, but the following year I decided to take more time to meditation and prayer and the study abandon school body only carrying on that song.

In the meantime, work with several choirs and delight in simple and concerts also started to write pop music for evangelization. Within the convent after the low degree in hand, when I was 21, after three years, however, decided to return home search for a form of consecrated life more solitary and I finish the studies and intensify them the concert.

After the diploma in 2004, I ask you to return the order, study theology and just keep a little 'maintenance of singing. emit solemn vows in 2009 and a year later I take a very small concert activities from which it is then scutarito the draft collaboration with Decca in the UK trials of the Beatles, at Abbey Road, under the supervision of producer Mike Hedges. "

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